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Made from solid English Spalted Beech and Ash. The 'Heel and Toe' model has four pickups fitted, two for the heel of the foot, two for the toe, with a stereo output.


Because the two acoustic chambers are a different size, this opens up a huge range of tones available, from a deep warm bass to a snappy snare - making this the most versatile stomper out there!  


The grain in this decorative wood has warm orange / brown colouring and a lovely warm resonance.


Single 1/4" stereo output. (Using a mono lead combines the two playing areas) - however using a 'Y' cable (stereo male to 2 x mono female) means you can spliit the signal from the two playing areas and EQ them separately.


The Heel and Toe Beat Root measures a generous 13" x 7". 


The grain in your Beat Root stomper is unique and will differ from the unit shown.

Beat Root Heel and Toe Stereo Stomp Box

  • All products in the Beat Root range are treated with durable, hard wearing oils that penetrate into the fibres of the wood. After extended use you may find the sheen fades a little. A coat of good quality oil such as Danish Oil will restore the sheen.

  • Shipping charge extra. UK orders are posted within 3 days. International delivery varies - EU is around 4-6 days, Worldwide is around 5-7 days.

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