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The Beat Root Stomp Box Range

The Unique, Battery-free Stompbox, Hand-made in Devon, UK

With the Beat Root stomp box you can play drums and guitar at the same time.

Simply plug in to your amp or PA and let the natural rhythm of your feet stomp out the beat!

Stomp Box by Beat Root

The Beat Root range is made from sustainably sourced English Beech and Ash from Devon, UK.

Beat Root Stomp Box

By adjusting the EQ on your amp or PA you can have a nice rounded bass drum, or a higher end snare tone.


With the stereo 'Heel and Toe' and 'Twin Toe' models you can have both: - one area for snare, one for bass.

Simply tap out the beat while playing!

Stomp Box by Beat Root
The Range

Beat Root Solo

Beat Root Solo Stomp Box

Based on the traditional stomp box style, with a single acoustic chamber, high quality no-noise pickups and single mono output.


Simply plug into your PA, turn up the bass and roll off the top end for a warm fat kick drum, or add a little more mid range for a lighter tone.

The Beat Root Solo is robust, well built, portable, battery, power supply and noise free, and has sturdy rubber feet in case the stage is less than flat...


...and it looks great!

Beat Root Stomp Box

Beat Root Classic

Stomp Box by Beat Root

Based on the American 'porch board' design - a flat playing surface with one large sound chamber. 

The Beat Root Classic has pickups fitted at both ends of the chamber that are both blended together to give a more uniform bass tone.

That said, there are still many variants of tone that can be achieved depending on where the surface is hit, but it isn't quite so versatile as the Heel and Toe in this respect.

Its a design that can be played sitting or standing, and because of the flat low level playing surface is great for long periods of playing.

Like all Beat Root stomp boxes, the Beat Root Classic is robust, well built, portable, battery-free and noise free.

Heel & Toe

Beat Root Stomp Box

Unique in that it contains four separate high quality pickups, two for the heel of the foot, and two for the toe, wired to a stereo output.


As the two acoustic chambers differ in size the heel playing area gives a higher tone, with the larger toe area giving a lower end tone.

Many players prefer to use the heel as the bass and the Beat Root Heel & Toe gives you the chance to explore a much wider range of sounds than being restricted to playing the toe area only.


For maximum tone control split the stereo signal and EQ the separate playing areas.

Experimenting with the EQ settings opens up a huge range of sonic possibilities - no need to purchase separate and expensive 'add ons' to expand your sound - the Heel and Toe does it all in one!

Twin Toe

Beat Root Stomp Box

Orientated so it can be played with both feet.


Along with two separate pickups and acoustic chambers, the Beat Root Twin Toe also has two separate outputs so opening up a further range of sonic possibilities:


Have the bass on the left, and the snare to the right - or vice versa


Put reverb or delay on one side and the other with a dry signal - your options are endless!


There are also of course many subtle variants of sound that can be produced by tapping different areas of the Beat Root.


By adjusting the EQ this opens up a really versatile range of sounds -  going way beyond the standard 'thump!'

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