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The 'Classic' is the newest addition to the Beat Root family - based on the original American 'porch board' style of foot drum this stomp box has four high output pickups fitted with a single mono output that blends the pickups together.


The Classic gives a wide range of tones - from a deep full bass to a mid and snare tones depending on EQ settings, where it is hit and the type of shoes worn, and can be played for long periods without leg strain. Can also be played whilst sitting with both feet.


Made from a solid piece of sustainable English Beech, the grain in your Beat Root is unique and will differ from the unit shown.


The Classic measures a generous 13" x 7"

Beat Root 'Classic' Stomp Box.

SKU: BR_Clas
  • The Beat Root range is treated with hardwearing oils. The finish 'feeds' the wood and allows the fibres of the wood to breath. You may find after an extended period that the sheen fades. This is entirely natural, and you can give the wood a coat of good qaulity oil such as Danish Oil to restore the sheen if you wish. 

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