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The Beat Root Solo can be played with the toe - or spun round and played with the heel.


Compact enough to easily stow away it gives a wide range of tones depending on your EQ settings - from a big deep bass to a snappy snare!


The Solo Beat Root has high output dual sheilded pickups fitted in the acoustic chamber, and a single 1/4 jack output. 


The Solo measures a generous 7" x 5"


Constructed from a solid piece of English Beech or Ash, , the grain in your Beat Root Stompbox is unique, and  will differ from the unit shown.

Beat Root 'Solo' Stomp Box

SKU: BR_Solo
  • The Beat Root is treated with hardwearing deep penetrating oils which will last for many years. You may find over prolonged use that the sheen fades. A liberal coat of Danish Oil will restore the shine if you wish. 

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